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Highly tetrahedral hydrogenated amorphous carbon, Ta-C:H
For the first time in the world Members of CCR announced in the early 90ies the existence of a hydrogenated form of tetrahedral amorphous carbon, so called ta-C:H. At this time only the none hydrogenated form of tetrahedral carbon ta-C was known achieved by PVD methods like filtered cathodic vacuum arc. Ta-C:H, also well known as PBS-Carbon was achieved by a PECVD Technology using acetylen as precursor gas. It has similar properties like ta-C and is due to its mechanical properties and the ease of the PECVD process for most industrial applications superior to conventional DLC coatings.

Properties   angus DLC wafer
hardness 8 - 45 Gpa
H-content 8 - 18 at%
sp3 - content 55 - 85 %
10-9 to 10-3 (O*cm)-1
substrate size up to 1 m, flat and 3D
deposition rate 0,5 - 10 nm/s
substrate temperature 30 to 150 C