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COPRA RS9, RS 10 and RS11
The Series RS9 to RS11 is the standard COPRA Technology for large area applications up to a substrates size of 1400mm in square i.e. generation 5 of flat panel standards. It provides the highest degree of flexibility and enables many different ways of process implementation.  The RS sources are both side opened and allows one to operate a process by using two sides of the plasma volume which increases the through put by nearly a factor of 2 and guarantees power efficiencies of more than 80%.
Substrate Dimension up 1300 mm static
Pressure Range 5E-4 to 1mbar
Gas any
RF - Power up to 10.000 Watt
Matching Remote
Ion Energy below 50 eV
Current Density up to 1mA/ cm2
Extraction Grid less
Scalability according to customer