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VCi Blue Chip Rated from

PECVD   Static Rates Precursor Reactive Gas
DLC Wafer
ta-C:H coated Wafer
Amorphous Silicon a-Si:H 10 nm per sec   Silan Hydrogen
Nano crystalline Silicon  nc-Si:H 4 nm per sec    Silan  Hydrogen
Micro crystalline Silicon µc-Si:H 2 nm per sec Silan Hydrogen
Poly  crystalline Silicon   pc-Si:h 1 nm per sec Silan Hydrogen
Silicon Nitride Si3N4 4 nm per sec Silan  Amonia
Diamond Like Carbon ta-C:H 5 nm per sec Acetylene none  
Zinkoxid ZnO 3 nm per sec     DMZ Oxygen
Alumina AL2O3 3 nm per sec TMA Oxygen
Titaniumoxid TiO2 3 nm per sec   TiCl4 Oxygen