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Jun 2015 CCR completes the IS-Series with the IS 200 for Precision Optical Assist  
Apr 2013 CCR generated 1st COPRA PECVD Gen-4-Tool !  
Jun 2012 CCR has finished to build up its own PECVD Lab  
May 2012 CCR White Paper --> Controlled Plasma Assist for Precision Optical Coating  
Aug 2011 Announcement for 300 sold COPRA units in 30 countries  
Jan 2011 Board of CCR confirms and releases the investments for CCRs own PECVD Lab
Nov 2010 CCR signs distributor agreement with Mediken Incorporation, Tokio
Nov 2010 Celebration of 15th yearly anniversary of CCR Technology
Jan 2010

CCR launches the first COPRA in build source "IS 300" enabling the retrofit of COPRA assist in optical coaters on customer side.