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Where are all other COPRA Plasma source are flange mounted source the COPRA IS300 is the first real In Build “IS” source designated for the retro fit of plasma assist in optical box coaters. A strong demand is coming up to replace classical ion source technology by COPRA like plasma sources. Mainly the independent control of ion energy as a function of power as well as the high amount of atomic radicals benefits the deposition of drift free oxides and nitride layers for precision optics on temperature sensitive oxides.
    IS300 IS300
Calotte Size up to 1200mm
RF-Power max. 3000 Watt
RF-Matching Integrated Remote Match
Pressure Range 1E-4 to 5E-3mbar
Ion Energy 50 to 250eV
Current Density up to 2 mA/cm2
Extraion grounded W-Grid
Apps E-gun Assist