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Faraday Cup
In plasma processing, there are two important parameters which are responsible for the final process results i.e. the kinetic energy of the ions impacting to surface and the current density of these ions. The Faraday Cup System CEA4 is a precise tool in order to determine Ion energy and Ion current density. It can be applied in all kinds of plasma environment up to a pressure of 5E-2 mbar and enables to calibrate your process in order to get best scientific understanding.

Data Aquiring Faraday CUP "CEA 4"
Faraday Drawing
Energy Range 5eV to 1000eV
Resolution 1eV
Current Range 0.01 to 10 mA
Pressure Range 1E-5 to 1E-2mbar
Software Visualization

Ion Energy Distribution IED
Ion Energy
Ion Current Density
Ion Energy vs Time
Ion Energy vs time