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COPRA 160-200
The COPRA DN160CF and DN200CF are the low power members of the "COPRA Family" and are especially designated for R&D application. All process results achieved by the Copra 160 and COPRA 200 can later be transferred to large area COPRA sources to intent industrial production. Beside R&D there are also industrial applications where the COPRA DN160 and DN200 can be applied such as Atomic Layer Deposition "ALD" and PVD plasma assist.

Substrate Size up 3 inch DN200 DN160-200 Dimension DN160CF DN200CF
Pressure Range 1E-4 to 1mbar A [mm] 148 196
Gases any B [mm] 80 103
RF-Power max. 600 Watt C [mm] 280 333
Matching manual D [mm] 178 206
Ion Energy up to 200 eV E [mm] 166 192
Current Density up to 0.5 mA/cm2 DN 160CF 200CF
Extraction grounded WO-Grid Extraction 84 mm 122 mm
ALD Assist