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As a front-end component manufacturer we understand that our customers are the door to the market and to our own success. Being reliable, efficient and trust-full are therefore the key attributes of CCRs philosophy and we are always aiming to long term relationships by following the variable needs of our customers. CCR Technology does not only offer the COPRA hardware, we share also a large pool of know-how to support our customer finding the final goal in processing the COPRA Plasma Technology.

All members of CCR as well as our sales agents are prepared to support you. Please feel free to contact us on the most direct way. For a detailed description of your service enquiry please use:

Please ask for our support in process development using the COPRA Technology. Qualified and experienced process engineers are in standby to support you. For a detailed description of your needs please use:

In order to be prepared to use and operate your COPRA Source in the fastest and most efficient way we are offering training courses on factory sides. For your detailed need please send an email to: