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Reactive sputtering or e-gun evaporation are widely used to deposit dielectric layers such as oxides and nitrides for a wide variety of different applications. This technique employs the use of a feedstock gas whose dissociation products chemically react with the target material in addition to the bombarding ions. The COPRA plasma beam source can be used to efficiently provide  a source of both ions and a highly dissociated reactive precursor gas (~80-90  for reactive diatomics such as O2 and N2).

Consequently, both highly ionised and highly dissociated plasmas can be generated at low RF powers and pressures thereby reducing the amount of process gas required to provide atomically dense, stoichiometric thin films. This reduction in pressure also has the advantage that the length scale for ion bombardment densification is increased.  As such the COPRA source can also be used for additional ion bombardment particularly in applications involving reactive densification of materials co-deposited by thermal or electron beam evaporation.
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